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1st January 2021 what a day to start for good cause. As expected the weather was awesome, raining but the show must go on. Total 6 groups of max 8 riders participate to distribute $100 vouchers each to 10 families. Total slightly more than $4000 collected and distributed to 42 less fortunate families, direct/indirectly affected by Covid19.

#rideofhopesg team comprising of bicycle riders collaboration with Street Coyotes MC and Jamiyah Singapore for #projectkilatcovid19 delivered, started flag off at 9am from West Coast Car Park. The rain didn't stop us in fact we felt more blessing and meaningful. It was indeed a blessed Friday for us. May all the beneficiaries benefited from this charity/humanitarian efforts.

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Sha'izad Jaffar
Sha'izad Jaffar
Jan 01, 2021

Awesome start to the year!

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