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ME - Founder of Ride of Hope SG

I would describe myself as Indian Rojak. My father is more on the Malay side though he also has that Bugis mix, my mother is Indian mix with Malay and the outcome is me "Maldian" Indian Rojak. Why Indian Rojak? Well as you would know that there are a mix of varieties in the rojak. And not all are Indians, there are extensive mix of others like, fish cake, hotdog even seafood, prawn. Put them together with the sauce, you get that awesome taste. Just like me, with all the mix, I am able to blend in and communicate openly with everyone and different age levels. Get to know me, I'm colourful.

I prefer to start my day with a good cafe latte. I have been experimenting about coffee and tried various beans. As for now the cheapest cafe latte that I like is from Mc Donald/Mc Cafe. But for now the best cafe latte that can make my day is from Arabica %. For work matters, I would like to finish my paper works soonest possible before lunch as an operation guy, I would spent my afternoon time doing my rounds for inspection and built up on communication with service staffs and users if any.

At this age and time, I love to ride my bicycle. I have been an avid mountain bike rider since 2012. I used to travel with my bicycle to explore new trails and meet mountain bikers around the region. I am also actively in charity, you can check the website I have created through cycling it gives birth to Ride of Hope SG, a charity group. I am blessed with this opportunity to give back as well and doing something that I enjoy most and this is how I relieve my stress.

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