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Fuel For Rides

Alhamdulillah, patrons can now sit down for a meal outside, with certain conditions of course. And that's pretty much what I did for this morning's ride! Luckily, it being a weekday, there were not a lot of people... Also, ignore the plate as a guideline cos that's way too many calories! Fyi, I am doing intermittent fasting, with alternate OMAD (one meal a day). So my last proper meal was yesterday 5pm. No excuses though, but 9am and 15km later, I'm a hungry gal **Nutritional Guidelines for Rides. Short rides about an hour duration: just water will do. Medium rides of 90 mins to 3 hrs duration: 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates. Long rides 3 to 6 hrs duration: 30 to 100 grams of carbohydrate per hour. Depending on your body size and effort. Remember that hydration powers nutrition. No point eating if you're not drinking enough, it might cause you nausea and bloating. Stop and sip water. For hydration guidelines during rides, refer to my previous posting. Or you might want to be a bit more precise and eat 20 to 30% of your hourly expenditure. For example if you're expending 500 kilojoules per hour for a couple of hours, you may consume 100-150 calories of carbohydrate (25-37 grams) per hour. As per common sense, under eating is better than over eating during rides. You can always have a good meal afterwards. But beware of bingeing, which almost always happens if you don't fuel at all during rides. Also, you can exhaust yourself and unable to ride home. Or bonking. 'Bonking' is basically hypoglycaemia, where your muscles are depleted of glycogen due to the strenuous exercise. You will generally feel weak and tired, shake, sweat a lot, feel dizzy or light-headed. You may also have heart palpitations and feel very hungry. Bonking can also affect the brain and you may feel anxious, irritable, confused and emotional. This is probably dangerous if you're maneuvering in road or trail where proper estimation and judgement is required to avoid accidents and crashes. As always, trial and error works. If you find you're actually putting on weight, that means you're over eating during rides! So go easy on that Nasi Rawon! (self reminder) Attached are fruit and meal suggestions. All the best and happy riding this weekend guys! Love, Dillah. #rideofhopesg #rohsgbikerchix Like

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