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Salam, what do we learnt from covid19? What are the advantages or disadvantages effect of it?

All of us are affected in one way or another. It swamped us without warning and halted the world, which was actually good 😉finally it felt like the clock stop ticking.

Extended cleaning was done, ways and new methods of cleaning introduced, good for the cleaning industry 🤪many made lots of money.(advantages)

Humans started to become conscious of what they touched and breathed. Face mask out of stock, increased demand, companies scrambled to produce more, increase revenue(advantages) but quality standards ignored.

Streets were empty,practically no cars on highway, building closed, malls closed, almost all closed except some major necessities, which was very good pollution went down and finally EARTH, I am sure very happy.

Almost 8 months all movement controlled, everyone is tracked, nothing new I guess.(disadvantage)

Most businesses hit hard, employment affected, retrenched and many were laid off. (disadvantages)

To conclude many more to write...😴😉 Personal point of view, The ONE gave us the reason and reset the world. How we see and how we deal with it will affect the near future. We HUMANS are responsible for all that happenings and only US can resolve this together. No one is the be left hungry and be in a state of poverty. Let's heal the world, life is a beautiful RIDE. #covid_19 #lifeisabeautifulride #rideofhopesg #healtheworld

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