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Art with heart - Tote Bag

Actually you know.. last time I also wanted to become artist. So at 8 years old, I determinedly walked from blk 16 Eunos Crescent where I stayed, across the carpark, minor road and past the market to the Eunos CC and signed myself up for a kids watercolour painting competition.

** Yes, my parents let me roam like the kampong kid I was, conveniently forgetting I was a girl. Convenient for me that is, cos I'd go around like a wild child. Most of the time, they had no idea where I was **

Come Competition Day (yes other kids came with parents, I went alone, again haha) Instead of drawing and colouring the playground like I was supposed to, like what all the other kids were doing, I painted a huge waterfall with foaming churning water, raging river and black rocks. Yeahhh...

I didn't win. All other drawing competitions also ended up the same way ..The judges must've thought me weird as heck! But I still love art though.

Ok, the end, story got no relevance at all to the tote bag haha. Thank you to our very own local artist who wants to be known as YS. To purchase, head on down to:

Take care and be safe

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