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10th Year Anniversary

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Since 2012, Ride of Hope SG has raised more than $100,000.00 dollars and brought smiles, support and comfort to over 3000 Orphanages around the region and about 200 less fortunate families. Engaging more than 200 youths on drugs abuses and providing various education materials like laptops to Orphanages teaching them to explore and gain new knowledge thru technology. And providing free English classes to over 100 Orphanages.

Planning an event, even for charity is a challenge on its own and it became more demanding as most of the time I have to plan all of it by myself. But, alhamdullillah along the way I met good and extremely helpful supporters and mainly consistent funders or donators.

We are also blessed to have a great designer, Unkle Karim, for our merchandise who never fail to produce the best and awesome design for each of our projects.

Ride of Hope SG has been blessed with unconditional support that help us sustain for the last great 10 years.

I seek and hope we can achieve our target for this 10th anniversary to support 10 NGOs or dedicated individuals who have given their time for charity works with sales of Ride of Hope SG items.

Do continue and support us by ordering our limited edition 10th anniversary goodies via #helpushelpthem #rideofhopesg #lifeisabeautifulride

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