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About eCafeofHope

eCafeofHope (eCOH) is a cafe that feeds the needy through its food distribution program. It is an initiative by Ride of Hope SG in January 2022 after learning that the low-income community in Singapore barely meets their end need. Together with our F&B partners, eCOH decided to open the opportunity for contributors, sponsors, and donors to help these families by providing simple daily meals via our website.

With the current pandemic, eCOH will be providing these platforms for contributors to easily select different types of meals for our beneficiaries with contactless delivery.

And to have a vision as a leading social enterprise entity in Singapore devoted to alleviating hunger through our programs, we believe that our mission will be accomplished to provide reliable and sustainable food distribution to low-income families.

We thank each and every one of our supporters for the 10 years of believing in our journey of good work. Thank you

We would like to thank all our sponsors for this year Ramadan Dulang support. We had managed to secure 160 Dulang to be distributed to our targeted low
income families

Do stay tuned for our next upcoming Project!
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