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Ride of Hope was conceived in 2012 by a group of enthusiastic mountain bikers. That deep passion for the sport led us down bike trails not just in Singapore, but also Malaysia and Indonesia. 

In the course of pursuing the next adrenalin hit, we also experienced the warm hospitality of our hosts and yet also witnessed communities in poverty and in need. Our group then decided to embark on the concept of riding with a charitable purpose. 

The initial idea was to support 1 major charity locally and abroad. During our 2nd ride in Batam, we chose Daarul Thaybah Batam, an orphanage, as Ride of Hope's first ever beneficiary abroad. Their current living space being cramped and shared with both girls and boys. That first project managed to garner over 20k for the school to successfully build an annex building for the boys. 

Elated and inspired by the success of that venture, Ride of Hope never looked back! 

In late 2018, we extended the Ride of Hope Team to Batam, Indonesia and Johor, Malaysia.

Alhamdulillah we have been blessed with a good Team who are exploring other avenues for charity works. To date, we have successfully delivered numerous projects around the region, including our consistent weekly and monthly contribution to orphanages and less fortunate families.

In 2018, Ride of Hope branched into the area of education by providing free English language lessons for the orphans in Batam. Also encouraging the children to learn computer skills by providing them with laptops. 

Ride of Hope also started project "Dadah Itu Haram" an initiative by our local enforcement agency in 2018. We organised fun rides with the youths and engaged them with discussions on drug abuse and drug prevention. 

Ride of Hope is actively involved in local community projects like Saviour of Sengkang and Project Kilat for the needy. Our driving motto being;

"Giving is the highest expression of our power"

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